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Gruveo makes it possible to make instant, secure and anonymous video calls right from your browser. It works in the major browsers on desktop and mobile, and as a native app on Android and iOS.

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Enter a room name to join, or a user's Gruveo @handle to call:

For example, jingle158

How It Works

Gruveo handle

Get a Gruveo handle…

…and receive incoming video
and voice calls hassle-free.

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Super Easy

Simply agree with the other people on a room name and enter that name in Gruveo to talk. Or start a call and send them a direct link to join you.


All Gruveo calls are encrypted over SSL. Wherever possible, peer-to-peer technology is used where the data flows directly between the participants' devices.


Registration is not required to join a room or to call a Gruveo handle. We do not have access to call content or store any parts of it on our servers.

No Installs *

Gruveo is built on the WebRTC technology (part of HTML5) and it "just works" in the major browsers on desktop and mobile.

* In modern Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

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